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Whether it is the mystery or soft intellectual stare they can give a man from across the room, dating a Brunette escort can be extremely arousing. Forget about blonde girls, if you want the sort of girl who can hold her own in a conversation and has the appearance of a modern woman, then dating one of our Brunette London escorts can be a fantastic experience for any man.

The Intelligent Type

For a brunette London escort, one of her main strengths is how her appearance matches her intelligence. Blondes tend to hold on to a soft, youthful visage even when they are older, Brunettes appear to always be the type of women to be in control of their lives and destinies. From each outfit they wear, the way they do their hair and each conversation they have, each move appears to be calculated to a professional degree.

This image of power and intelligence can appeal to any business orientated man, especially if you want a companion that you can talk to instead of having to "pamper" or "praise" to keep on your arm. This image is to the point where a study on theTalko showed that around 67% of men believed that brunettes are self-sufficient, whilst 40% believed that blondes were too needy and dependent on them and their money.

A high powered individual needs an escort that is in control of her life and can hold an enticing conversation. This is why the perfect escort to date is most certainly a Brunette.

An Aura of Class and Sophistication

When it comes to a brunette's sense of style, they simply cannot go wrong as they are all the epitome of class. Whilst colour can make some blonde escorts almost look "trashy", for a Brunette it is essential that they should have, according to Hannah Widdison and Mel Davies from the "BBC":

colour in their outfits. As long as they keep dark, dull colours to a minimum then (they'll) always look stunning and vibrant.

An escort's dark hair really makes the colour of an outfit look even more vibrant and attractive to any client. However, one of our sultry brunette escorts favourite looks is a tight dress with bright red lipstick and a smokey eye. This will make them look like a temptress, the perfect little demon to spruce up her date's evening with her erotic appeal.

An Inner Maturity

When you meet your dream escort, the last thing you need is for them to act childish or wild. Your escort needs to show an inner grace that all Brunette's have. This will make them the perfect centrepiece on your arm to take to any conference or work-related event. Whilst a blonde may only wear cheap patterns that make them look youthful, a brunette indulges in the appearance of womanly wear, being happy to wear her little black dress at any important event to increase your confidence. Brunettes sparkle in anything they wear and people will soon see that she is a force not to be reckoned with, as her conversation and intellect is just as inspired.

Are you ready to meet your dream Brunette London escort?

Whether you are looking for a way to get back into dating, or just want to have an outing with a friendly face, our escorts are happy to meet you when it is most convenient for you so that you can relax. Brunettes are especially popular on our website, so be sure to book them in advance so that you can take a slot in their diary!

To contact your Dream Brunette today, feel free to call Supa Escorts Agency by phone or send us an email. We are happy to help make your fantasies a reality.

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